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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

That's right I-man. . .

. . .only radio talk show hosts should be permitted to carry knives. It's one thing for a rehabbed pill popper and one-time professional drunk to carry a hunting knife on his side and whip it out in a New York City broadcast studio, as I've seen you do on your morning show in the past. But, it's entirely another for a 24year old nanny to pack an inch-and-a-half pocket knife and a cap gun on a ranch in New Mexico.

I guess the I-man is one of those latté-drinking, metropolitan cowpokes of legend. One can hardly fault him for emulating the hard-bitten image of such greenhorn legends as The Chamomile Kid and "Frappé" Frank McClintock. But, he has to understand that, when dealing with young nannies from New York, Wild West sensibilities such as his come across as unrefined and crass. Young New York women aren't accustomed to lengthy browbeatings over cap guns and pen knives. It's foreign to their culture, and they're likely to take offense.

UPDATE: I take a perverse pride in the fact that I don't know how to spell chamomile. But, I should at least be a better editor. So, I corrected it.

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