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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hewitt the Brave. . .

. . .has gone out on a limb today with his blog post calling for unity in the wake of what must have been a painful night for him. I've directed some less than charitable words toward him in this campaign, taking jabs at him for his highly enthusiastic support for Mitt Romney. So, it seems only fair that I point out that he is being the bigger man.

It's hard for me to overstate my dismay at talk radio's treatment of McCain in this campaign, essentially serving as a two-week series of day-long attack ads leading up to the most important day of voting in the entire primary process. But, with today's blog entry, Hewitt makes up for it if only for the lumps he's going to take from certain corners of the right as a consequence.

Of all the talkers who were involved in this barrage, Hewitt is the only one who can point to any genuine enthusiasm for his candidate. So, for him to swallow this hard and say what he says in this column must have been awfully bitter. He actually has to deal with not only the fact that McCain won, which undoubtedly troubles him, but the fact that Romney lost. The rest were only interested in meting out retribution to a man they see as the bane of their existence. Hugh actually felt the sting of loss here, and his reaction is just about the most commendable one I can imagine from a man in his shoes.

This is much appreciated, Hugh. You're undeniably one of the good ones.

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