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Friday, April 11, 2008

If you look to your right. . .

. . .over at the top of my sidebar, you'll see the new addition to my blog that I was up all night working on. Be aware that, if you're not a big fan of hard rock and/or heavy metal, you're not going to find much on there to like. But, at the same time, also be aware that I spent a good amount of time -- into the wee hours of the morning -- working on it in order to make it as unobtrusive as possible. That meant quite a bit of code tinkering for resizing and such. But, in the end, I think it was worth it.

It's the same player and playlist that I have on my MySpace and Facebook pages, so it's consistent throughout all my networking dealie-o's. I kind of like the uniformity. And, it's nice to have my own music to listen to while I'm blogging, even if no one else listens to it. I'll be changing up playlists from time to time, building different lists for the different types of music I enjoy. So, if you're not a metalhead, not to fear: it's not always going to be "that loud crap" you hate.

But, if you do like that kind of music, then by all means. . .enjoy!

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