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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm bleggin' ya. . .

. . .could someone please give me a brand of decent, cheap ear buds with sturdy insulation? In spite of my careful efforts to prevent it, the ones I have now have developed a short. And, for me, there are very few phenomena that send me into a blind rage like having the right channel cut in and out while I'm trying to listen to some tunes. The ones I have came with my Crackberry, which I got at Christmas, so I guess I ought to be grateful that they've lasted as long as they have. But, dammit, I have rigorous expectations for audio components of any sort -- the top three criteria being (1) great sound, (2) incredible durability, and (3) stunning cheapness.

So, if any reader happens to know of a set of ear buds that fit these criteria, or if they fit the top two criteria, but happen to be sold at a place with extremely lax theft prevention (in which case I'll pay my niece five bucks to get them for me), please leave a comment. I need to replace them quickly as my neighbors won't even make eye contact with me right now. Apparently, they find it alarming to see a man screaming obscenities, jumping up and down and stomping on an object they can't see in his front yard.

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