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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Now here's someone

. . .with some redeeming qualities. A young man named Grady (a very cool name, I think) has penned a short essay about a ballfield near his home, with a photo to demonstrate how badly it is in need of care. It's part of a contest being held by Briggs & Stratton -- a name familiar to anyone whose hands have ever been put to work on a lawn.

If he wins this essay contest, his team will be awarded $20,000 to put toward rehabilitating the ball park. And, today is the last day to vote.

In my mind, there's not a whole lot on this planet that makes for a more worthy cause than providing a field on which kids can play ball. Please go and give Grady a vote. He was thoughtful enough to enter his local ballpark into the mix, and took the initiative to make it happen. One little click can help create year after year of joy for a lot of kids and families in desperate need of something to get them away from the television.

Whatever the outcome, Grady has earned a lot of respect from this blogger. It's nice to know that baseball still lives in the hearts of kids these days, when there are so many reasons to be cynical.

Best of luck, Grady! No matter how the contest turns out, you're a champ!

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