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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

When I heard the news. . .

. . .that Arianna Huffington was starting her own blog, I was admittedly intrigued. I couldn't think of better lampoon fodder. Here I was, an upstart blogger in search of something I could sink my newly cut satirical incisors into, and along comes a former conservative divorcee flush with cash after splitting with her gay Republican husband not long after losing what, at the time, was the most expensive unsuccessful bid for a Senate seat in history.

Then, I visited the blog. It turns out, there's not much to lampoon over there. That is, unless you want to put yourself through the anguish of reading what "Skullcracker" Bill Maher, "Monkey Business" Gary Hart, and "Who the Hell Is" Haim Saban have to say. I don't, really. But, I did "look" at the homepage -- which is visually reminiscent of The Onion. I found myself looking down the page for a headline like, "Carnage ensues at area Segway rally."

No such luck.

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