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Monday, May 09, 2005

Now that I have a real job. . .

. . .blogging just doesn't come easily. Actually, I don't think it's so much the job itself as the fact that I'm getting my social life back. Suddenly, I find myself at home a lot less. This weekend, I took the opportunity to check in at some of my favorite old haunts, just to say hello to some folks I haven't seen in a while -- over a year, in one case.

I'm trying to develop some sort of schedule that will allow me to do some writing for the blog while fulfilling work and other commitments, as well as taking a distance learning course in paralegal studies. At the moment, my best recourse seems to be waking up very early in the morning, say, five-ish. I'm stunned at how little time lies between getting home and going to bed. I usually get home around 6:00 in the evening, and go to bed whenever I'm too tired to sit up any longer. That's just not going to cut it if I'm going to get any writing done at all. So, I figure I may as well give in to reality and start my days a little earlier.

Waking up at 5:00 a.m. will allow me a couple of hours to get some writing done before I have to hop in the shower and run out the door. Of course, I don't see myself being able to wake up that early every single day, but given a little luck and the good sense to stay sober on work nights, I should be able to pull it off more often than not. We shall see.

I think mornings are the best time to write, anyway. I used to be a firm believer in late night writing, but I've since determined that this is a myth created by writers in search of an excuse to sleep all day. At least that's the way I've pinned down my own rationale. But, inasmuch as I don't have the luxury of doing that any longer if I am to expect to stave off starvation, I've come to the conclusion that morning will have to be "my time".

So, now, I have get up from the computer and start pressing my clothes for work tomorrow. Then, it's off to bed.

Can one be both a cabana boy and a fuddy-duddy?

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