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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Cut n' Run Republicans. . .

. . .haven't yet come to grips with the consequences of their intransigence should they remain on the course they're presently on. Rather than stay in the fight and work to pull McCain their way in the event he's elected, they're tempted to simply hand over the levers of power to the person they've despised more than any other in their political lifetimes. And they're doing this just so they can reassert their influence in a political party.

It remains to be seen whether Rush or Hannity intend on following Coulter down her road to perdition, but I suspect that in due time, they'll eventually tire of all the bitching and moaning and begin to call their devotees home. Yet, there will remain a small but rather vocal contingent who will choose to take the Coulter path in either sitting out the election, or actively voting and campaigning for Hillary Clinton in the general election. They do this based on the idea that Hillary Clinton is too smart a politician to try and precipitously withdraw troops from Iraq, and that any damage that the nation suffers as a consequence of her election will at least be laid at the feet of the Democratic Party and not the Republicans.

There are a couple of questions that these folks need to ask themselves before fully committing to this idea: How sure are you that the Hillary is that canny? And how many American lives are you willing to bet on it?

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