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Thursday, February 07, 2008

There is unanimous acclaim. . .

. . .for Mitt Romney's speech today as he stepped out of the ring with all of his dignity intact. The race was an exceedingly tough one, and a lot of feelings were hurt leading up to this point. But, for Republicans, it's time to thank Governor Romney for his participation in the process, and thank him a million more times for putting the troops of this nation ahead of the pressures he undoubtedly faced from those who so deeply believed in him to fight on.

I can see some of what Hugh Hewitt saw in the governor. The man is obviously overflowing with talent and integrity. I would love to see him come back for another run in 2012 with a few more years of demonstrable conservatism to point toward as a rationale for voting for him. There are just a few reasons that I couldn't stick with him throughout his campaign following my initial support.

I think Romney was ill-served by his campaign operatives, and his own sense of timing. Judging from the temperament he displayed throughout the campaign, I highly doubt that the notion of going negative and staying that way against the rest of the field was something that he relished doing. I suspect he had a good number of knife fighters in his inner circle telling him it was the most effective way to go about separating himself from the pack. Unfortunately, they didn't consider his lack of a truly unambiguous conservative record when they were putting together the "contrast" ads attacking the other candidates as being less than ideologically pure.

We'll be hearing from Mitt Romney again in the future, and that's undeniably a good thing. With his talents, abilities, and integrity, he should have no trouble at all in gathering support for another run. Unfortunately for him and his supporters, this year just simply wasn't his year. However, it does present him with an opportunity to do something great for his party by helping to unite those left bitter in the wake of loss with those who want to move forward in the wake of victory.

And, given time and more solid evidence of conservatism, there is virtually no limit to what his grateful party will do for him in the future, should he decide to offer his considerable talents to his nation again.

I am truly grateful to Governor Romney for what he has done today. He displayed his love for his country and those who serve it in time of war, as well as an admirable concern for the future of his party in placing it before his personal ambition and desire to win.

America will thank Governor Romney for his decision today. It truly was an act of chivalry seen all too infrequently in modern politics.

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