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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Shirley Temple Black's 80th. . .

. . .birthday was spoiled when she took a very nasty spill last week, resulting in a compound fracture of her arm. By all accounts, Shirley has always been the very picture of class, which sadly makes her a relic in the Hollywood we know today.

Apparently, she's been working on the second volume of her autobiography and has yet to sign with a publisher. From Army Archerd's blog at Variety:
Until now, Shirley had been busy finalizing the second book of her autobiography -- the first is "Child Star" -- but had not yet signed with a publisher. She can add this chapter to her incredible story. And I have been lucky enough to have been present at some of her accomplishments, history and honors.

Having suffered a pretty severe fracture in my left arm some years ago, I know how painful the recovery can be. The fracture Shirley suffered was even more severe than mine, and happened just as she was turning 80, whereas mine happened when I was still in my late twenties. But, if the tone of the article is any indication as to how she's handling it, I'd say she's a far bigger trooper than I was.

Let's all hope for a very speedy and full recovery for America's real sweetheart.

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