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Thursday, February 07, 2008

As difficult as this is. . .

. . .I'm going to try to be objective. Of course, my objectivity is questionable. I've got a big, honkin' McCain graphic on my blog. So, anyone reading is perfectly free to take everything contained herein with a mighty grain of salt.

I thought it was a fine speech, and it should go some distance toward healing the breach. I don't think he completely closed the deal, by any means. But, he seemed to me to be communicating a willingness to work in good faith with those who will extend him the same courtesy.

Undoubtedly, there are many who believe that it's not up to them to demonstrate any good faith toward him, and that he must be the one to walk all the way across the room if there's to be a reconciliation. However, I think the vast majority of conservatives are willing to give him a chance if he will only keep inching his way toward them. A few good faith efforts will bring a reciprocation with all but the last of the dead-enders.

I certainly don't expect a wave of accolades from the Dobsons and DeLays of the party. They've already placed themselves in a position where they have no choice but to maintain a closed posture. However, I do think that for many mainstream conservatives, McCain said what he needed to say in order to achieve receptiveness (not that Dobson and DeLay aren't necessarily mainstream, but their positioning has precluded them from making anything but a lukewarm acknowledgment that he has made efforts).

But, as far as his overall delivery of the speech and his demeanor, I think he hit the right note. I detected a touch of contrition and a principled reiteration that he is a man who is willing to stand or fall by his convictions. He exhibited the backbone for which he is widely admired, as well as a recognition of imperfection for which he is excessively reviled.

But, most of all -- and here's where my attempt at objectivity becomes ham-fisted -- I saw a man who I think will pleasantly surprise a lot of conservatives when given the opportunity, and a man who will make a lot of Americans proud for having made him their president.

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