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Thursday, April 06, 2006

It's the simple pleasures. . .

. . .of blogging that keep me coming back. Even though I've only posted a couple of times over the past three months, I have to say it's an enjoyable pursuit. The truth of the matter is, my life has become too busy to maintain a blog with any regularity. Holding down a full-time job, and doing side work on nights and weekends while trying to have something of a social life is a real challenge and generally squeezes projects like this humble blog out of the picture.

But, then, an issue like illegal immigration pops up from time to time to capture my imagination in a free moment. It's a very contentious issue and a very real problem which demands serious attention. The problem, however, with illegal immigration is the sort of attention that it seems to draw.

For example, I'll point out Michelle Malkin's blog. As much as I'd like to agree with her, I just can't bring myself to do it. Sure, she's right for the most part. There should be a better, more effective fence in place. There should be greater enforcement of the law as it exists today. There should be more patrols along the borders. There should be much, much more done than is being done.

But, as is often the case with such contentious and serious issues, the rhetoric of those who are most personally invested in them tends to step all over the message. For those of use who go about our daily lives without seeing this great brown menace that is supposedly lurking around every corner, it's hard to swallow the alarmism. It is especially hard to swallow when much of the alarmism originates from people representing states which have virtually begged Mexicans to come across the border illegally by doling out billions of dollars in non-essential, non-emergency benefits to them upon their arrival.

Monday, April 03, 2006

What hath Charles and Barbra wrought?
(A Blondie Production.)
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Al Gore makes one of many predictions for 2008.
(A Blondie Production.)
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