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Saturday, September 25, 2004

blondie. . .

In the man's defense, he does have to spend a lot of time with THK.

Ldotter kennowen. . .

. . .has updated American Idle and gives us his takes on Hurricane Jeanne, Rathergate, upcoming films, the fall television season, Phil Hendrie -- you name it. He's got it covered.

"Interestingly, Mapes previous successful story was the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal, which she 'broke' using documents that were to be evidence in prosecuting abusive guards. Even in that story, Mapes' goal was to hopefully bring down a high-ranking official, if possible, and not necessarily to see that justice was done. The fact that, for instance, Rumseld, was not found to be culpable in the scandal, seems to have caused the producerette's sloppiness in the subsequent National Guard story. Whatever happens, I'm certain Mapes will find a career at the DNC not very much different than her current gig."

Blondie Sends an Ldot Thread Follow-up. . .

. . .on the story of Marine Cpl. Lonnie Young, which appeared on Ldot a little over a week ago. From an email:

". . .a friend from VA who's husband is in the Military sent me this great story about a local kid who showed himself to be a real hero in Iraq. (He now works with her husband on a base there in VA)

Original Article

I posted it on Lucianne and got a few nice, supportive comments from folks. (Saturdays are fairly quiet there, so not many people saw it.)

Anyway, the thread is now gone but I had sent her the text of the thread - including the Ldotters comments. Today she emailed me back "thanks", and said she is sending it to her husband at work and asked him print it up and give it to the brave kid in the story.

I don't know how many of the posters are readers to your blog, but thought you might want to share this follow up for those that are interested."

I didn't ask, but feel safe in assuming that blondie would be delighted to pass along any messages and/or well-wishes you may have.

While Kerry was. . .

. . .protesting the war at home and meddling abroad, the President was volunteering to go to Vietnam.

It's not ALL bad. . .

. . .for Phil Spector. Prison showers are probably an ideal place to recreate the "Wall of Sound". And, as we all know, our prisons are overflowing with the gifted and talented. Putting together a band ought to be a snap.

Obviously, Ann Richards. . .

. . .is still walking around with the President's silver boot in her axe-handle-wide maximus. But, it apparently taught her the wrong lesson. It's the same lesson the Democrats took away from the Reagan Era. That is to say that the only reason either of them succeeded in politics was that they were willing to exploit the natural sympathies and goodwill of the simpleton population to their political benefit. In other words, "It's the mouth-breathing crowd, stupid!"

Vainglorious self-condolence: The hallmark of defeated liberals for over a generation.

"As a consequence, we see issues in less simplistic terms than the president. The president speaks in terms that are so simple on the most complex issues that it sort of leaves you with your mouth hanging open,' says Richards, who was unseated by Bush 10 years ago this fall."

That's an attempt at magnanimity. Except, it's like saying, "It's wrong to think that Bush is stupid. The public is stupid, and Bush just happens to be right up its alley." Of course, the always self-congratulatory liberal mindset is accommodating to that view.

Junkyard Politics. . .

. . .cries the Kerry campaign. Which leads to the question, "Where you been?" Since campaigning started, the President has endured: (1)Being the target of a feature length crockumentary given the sort of fanfare normally reserved for Spielberg, with a healthy dose of French film festival adulation thrown in for good measure. (2)CBS aired accusations of special treatment in Bush's Air National Guard service using forged, fake documents in an attempt to influence the election, which even though it ultimately worked against the network, belies the news division's self-portrait of an editorially balanced organization dedicated to objective truth, wherever it may lie. What leads one to wonder just how much they didn't get caught at.(3)Every delusional actor in Hollywood who can be convinced that slandering the President in time of war is a sure career booster has done so. (4)A billionaire internationalist financier has rather openly committed a considerable fortune to the prospect of his defeat.

At the same time, Kerry has enjoyed what for all intents and purposes is a news blackout on the story told by the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth, as well as a press so fundamentally ubalanced (in every sense of the word) that it afforded four days' worth of coverage on the Today show to a book which exists for the sole, undisguised purpose of creating controversy for his opponent.

The only thing Bush can be thankful for regarding his treatment in the media is the fact that Rupert Murdoch hired Roger Ailes.

Finally. . .

. . .I can sleep again. Cat Stevens will be allowed into the United States, since it turns out he chose the right spelling for his name when he converted to Islam. One thing I don't understand is why Islam requires that its adherents have an "Islamic" name. After all, Christianity doesn't require anything like that. I think the world might be a little more peaceful if there were more Muslims named Carl or Woody.

A Cautionary Tale. . .

. . .for Roger Clinton.

Remember, Roger. Hillary is going to have control of that money when Bill goes Tango-Uniform. You might consider stockpiling your plasma before you try to stick your hand in that pile.


. . .for Windows users. A very sharp and trusted Ldotter passed a heads-up to me earlier in the week regarding this threat, and I take him at his word when he says this is of the utmost importance.

Just think of the number of .jpg files you receive in your email everyday. All it takes is one bad one.

Aussiegirl . . .

. . .emailed and asked me to post this message:

"Update!! Ultima Thule has now added the wise and pithy comments of two
of L-dot's favorite posters, BonnieBlueFlag and veritas. BonnieB. gives us a fascinating look at the celebration of the Chinese Moon Festival, complete with a history of the Mooncake and a recipe included. Veritas weighs in with a short history of what REALLY happened in Vietnam and a lesson on the euphemism of "undocumented" aliens, plus many of his apt and wonderful quotes. Our resident philosopher, Carol, also relates her personal journey from being a liberal democrat to voting a straight Republican ticket this time around. Plus other wonders of humor, wit and insight such as the world's first blonde guy joke. Check it out."

I have to say Aussiegirl's blog, Ultima Thule, is looking great and is a well-written treat to read.

Persistence pays off.

Lucked out . . .

. . .and managed to get out of selling lemonade a little early tonight. I'll try to catch up on emails this evening, even though I should be doing some housecleaning. But, I hate housecleaning, so I'll just do that tomorrow. Maybe.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Note to self:

Use fewer exclamation points! My blog looks like a Tony Little commercial.

Andrew Sullivan...

...tackles the marriage issue:

"I'm not saying that Kerry's marriage is any less admirable than Bush's; or that this kind of criticism is in any way fair. It isn't. I'm just saying that many people, especially in the heartland, are uncomfortable with it. I'm therefore simply amazed that the Kerry team are still allowing THK to mouthe off at events. Maybe she has too much leverage to be silenced. But someone needs to silence her, if Kerry is to have a chance. And soon."

She must be the Democrats' version of the Log Cabin Republicans.

In any case, it won't do any good to silence her. She'll just go and start a blog.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

That tears it!

I'm becoming a communist!

When did Hanes start selling underwear in packages of two instead of three???

UPDATE!! Link repaired.

Just woke up...

...after not having gone to bed until around 1:00 this afternoon. It seems blogging has my sleeping patterns a bit askew. I worked on the blog until around 3:00, and decided I'd go to bed. Well, I just lay there. Ten minutes, 30, 90...finally, around 5:00 I said to myself, "Self, there's really no point in trying to go to sleep at this point. You have to be at school in three hours. What are the odds of you even hearing the alarm clock, much less heeding it after one hour's sleep?" So, I made the best of it, and a pot of coffee.

I turned on some music (which is what I do when I'm not blogging, working, going to school, or club meetings), and paid The Cheat, my betta fish butchering orange cat, some attention. For the uninitiated, The Cheat is a character from Homestarrunner.com.

Tonight is laundry night, because I never got around to doing my laundry yesterday. In fact, I spent most of the last three days answering emails from Ldotters, all of whom had something nice to say. I couldn't have asked for a better take-off on this blog. Everyone has been incredibly supportive and generous, patient, and often interesting. If anyone emailed me and hasn't heard back yet, I apologize. I wasn't quite prepared for the amount of email I got, and as always, thanks to blondie I got a gmail address for the mail. Between that mail, the mail that continued to trickle into my other two accounts, and instant messages, I was thoroughly occupied. If I didn't respond, please email me again. I'll try to address any questions you may have.

Tomorrow (Friday), I have school from 8:00 to 4:30, and I work for my lemonade vendor friend as soon as I leave school until 10:30. Then, on Saturday, I open the stand and work from 10:00 AM to around 10:30 PM, unless he sends some relief -- and there's very little of that to send, so I'm skeptical. Then, on Sunday, I work from 11:00 AM 'til around 8:00 PM. Then, it's grocery shopping, which will keep me out until at least 9:00, due to the fact that I only know how to grocery shop like a man. I'll be free for most of the day on Monday, and should be able to post in a somewhat normal fashion.

So, to say the least, posting will be mimimal for the next few days. I hope you don't forget about me. I know memories are short in the blogosphere. 60 minutes is an eternity, so to speak. But, the past week has been a great one. I'm giddy with the way the blog is developing, and the people it seems to be attracting. I've tried my best to come up with content that Ldotters will find interesting and/or helpful, and am wide open to any suggestions anyone may have in that regard. On Monday, I hope to start work on a project that I've seen suggested at LDot several times, to much acclaim and little action. So, I thought I'd take it upon myself. I'll unveil it when it's done.

In closing, I just want to send out a blanket THANK YOU!!! to everyone who has emailed me with suggestions, heads-ups, submissions, and questions this past week. It's been a fun, challenging experience -- one that has left me with a deeper respect for LComStaff and all that they do.


My nomination...

...for the Blogoshpere National Anthem: Van Halen -- Mean Street

Earlier tonight...

I went to visit my brother earlier tonight, and we were sitting in his living room shooting the breeze with the TV on. After a while, a commercial came on, and I can't remember for the life of me what it was advertising. All I know is that it featured a woman with a smile that left sundogs in my eyes (I suspect camera chicanery), that she was a nice-looking woman, and that her name is supposedly Beth. (And they can't say it on TV if it isn't true.)

I turned to my brother and told him, "You know, ol' Beth's kinda hot."

He said, "Yeah, but look at that flatscreen monitor."

All I could say was, "You have a problem." Really, is there anything else TO say?


...checks in with another entry. This one examines the pride of fatherhood, life's obstacles and blessings, and the Trammell-Whitaker era Tigers.

I bought a beautiful red and white 1957 Chevy Bel-Air four door. I loved that car! I also retired as a paramedic and went to college to become a RN. I never thought they taught me anywhere as much as my medic training but a short three years later, I had my degree. I started out working in a local prison system in the pysch ward and got my skull whacked by some nut case.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Just added...

...couple of doozies!

First, PaleoDotters Brain Death and Kitty, who together were the first to blog the Christmas in Cambodia story, bring Kerry Haters: We're Not Fonda John. That right there is reason enough for regular clicking!

In addition, Kitty has her own blog which has had the honor of being selected for BlogTruth of the Day a whopping three times!

I don't know if it's a sign, or just a coincidence, but I just happen to have bought some Kitty Litter today!

Gmail Central

Randy emailed to say that he had some Gmail invitations to offer, which is a generous gesture, and volunteered to put them up for grabs here at The Pack, if I would set up an exchange place. So, I did it here. And, I will place a link in the sidebar to the right, beneath the "Email the Pajama Pack" link for quick access, as the invites accrue.

go out to blondie, for being so generous with hers, yesterday. They really are great accounts!


Just added...

...three new additions to the blogroll, and am proud to list them.

First, there's TheOldenTimes.com from Ldotter P51Mustang which, while technically not a blog, is an Ldotter's website, and that's close enough for me. Besides, geneaology is one of the more popular areas of study for which the internet is used. Who knows? You could be a ketchup heir, too!

Next, there's Ldotter Victory's NoPajamas.com, which launched at about the same time this one did, and with the same purpose in mind. Here's Victory's take on something that I've always found unseemly, but never gave enough thought to put it in pixels:
"I'm watching Fox News this a.m. and they're talking about the latest atrocity beheading by the Al Qaeda murderers in Iraq of an American, and when they show his picture, it is the shot of him blindfolded and captive of his eventual murderers. Isn't this WRONG? I mean, shouldn't they honor the man's memory, his family, and his humanity by at least showing a shot of him they surely must have in better times without the evil bastards' blindfold covering his eyes? Isn't that how any of US would want to be remembered--as we really were, not as prisoners of murderers?"

And finally, there's Beautiful Atrocities, from Ldotter anglosaxon510, AKA Jeff. I'd read his list of various bloggers' attire a couple of days ago, while I was in the middle of a self-imposed crash course in html code, and laughed so much I forgot to go back and link to it. It's a great read, and comes highly recommended from this blogger. Welcome to The Pack, one and all!

Ldotter Bmoc...

...has updated Bloggings of a Bald Man with a post on perseverence and what it can accomplished when directed toward negative and positive ends, and shares anecdotal refreshing honesty gleaned from a dinosaur.

UPDATE! -- Bad link repaired.

Thanks for the heads-up, Bmoc!

Matthew Shepard Reference Alert

AndrewSullivan has gotten himself worked up again, over Jimmy Swaggart, of all people, who said:

"... I've never seen a man in my life I wanted to marry. And I'm gonna be blunt and plain; if one ever looks at me like that, I'm gonna kill him and tell God he died."

Leaving aside the fact that one would do well to simply ignore whatever Jimmy Swaggart has to say on just about any topic (which the vast majority of people do), I can't help wondering how far down the heirarchy of public figures Andrew is willing to go to find someone to blame for the next Matthew Shepard's death?

The "I'm gonna kill him and tell God he died" phrase that's got Andrew all bent out of shape most likely is just an old expression, and odds are, the people he was speaking to were well aware of that fact, and many of them had probably used the expression themselves. I can't fault Andrew for not recognizing a southernism when he reads one, but Swaggart's explanation is entirely plausible to me. I suppose that could be due to the fact that I am both a Southerner, and a conservative who opposes gay marriage, thus supporting the FMA. In fact, I'm certain it is.

But that doesn't make me wrong.

What if, for instance, Swaggart had used the phrase concerning a subject about which Andrew isn't monomaniacal? Say, grocery shopping, maybe. "I'm sick and tired of being in line at the grocery store, and waiting for the moron in front of me to fill out a check when he could have been doing that while his groceries were being rung up. I tell ya what...the next time I'm in line at the grocery store and see someone whipping out a pen after everything's already been totalled up, I'm gonna kill him and tell God he died!"

That's just the way southerners talk. It's a big part of the southern dialect, to magnify things for the sake of absurdity. And the expressions often refer to death, hell, suffering, what-have-you. There's a guy down at my local watering hole, named Kirk. Ask him about his most recent hangover, and he'll tell you, "I'da had to git better to die."

From usadeepsouth.com comes a good example:

"My grandmother was the epitome of a Southern lady--an excellent cook, perfect hostess, and doting wife and mother. However, she did have one rather hideous phrase that brought my brother and me to our knees. Whenever Scott and I "acted up," Grandmother would assume the Sumo stance with hands on hips and announce, "I'll snatch your arm out and beat you with the bloody stump!"

I love the way Andrew writes, but he's got a bad case of chronic indignation. And, whether righteous or not, in its chronic form, indignation leads to only three things, none of which can I afford; liberalism, hair loss, and digestive tract disorders.


...will be a light posting day. I have many errands to run, and laundry to do for the next several hours -- things I've put off while working on the blog. I should be caught up, for the most part, by the end of the day.

There won't be much, if any, posting over the weekend. A friend of mine who is a fresh squeezed lemonade vendor needs my help as he works the BBQ on the River festival, in Paducah, KY.

Happy Ldotting and blogging!

Household Hint...

When digging through your refrigerator, if you find a can of biscuits that's out of date, don't set it aside on the kitchen table and forget about it. That's because, apparently, as they warm up, they build up a lot of pressure. And, when they do that, the can explodes and a biscuit shoots straight up into one of the globes on the light fixture above the table, sending it crashing to the floor.

I wouldn't have thought so either, but it happened last night.

Another time, I went into the local employment office for about an hour, on a hot summer day. It looked pretty cloudy, so I went ahead and rolled the windows up. Non-smoking facility, so I left my cigarettes and lighter inside my car. After sitting in the office for about an hour and a half, I was ready for a cigarette, so I went to my car, grabbed the pack off the seat and looked for my lighter. It was gone. I looked under seats, floormats, in crevices, but it was nowhere to be found.

I did notice, however, a lot of small pieces of plastic scattered all over the seats and floorboard, where it had exploded.

My point? I'm tired.


Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Ldotter Viva Flame...

...brings us Cassandra De Troy, and promises to share, among other things, Delphic insights, daring foresight, amazing reflection, and free wealth!

I plan to hold her to at least one of them.

Ldotter ShilohSharps...

emailed one of the funniest articles I've read in a long time. I chuckled off and on, all evening about this one. Here's a slice:

"Nixon and Kissinger, in cooperation with the FBI, wanted to test Chou En-Lai's stated willingness to support American business, so they instructed Bush to pose as a U.S. businessman and try to enlist the Chinese in a business arrangement. Bush, already the SUMS maverick, decided to pose as Danny Ray Amberson, a wisecracking Texas entrepreneur and the owner of Amberson's Magnificence Co.—the world's foremost maker of eight-track tapes."

Contains adult humor and language


I just got an email from a person whose blog I signed onto the blogroll. Apparently, I left the impression that joining up with this blogring would somehow speed up the registration process, or that membership here was somehow associated with posing rights at Lucianne.com. That is not the case, and I sincerely apologize to anyone who may have been under that impression.

I'd also like to apologize to Lucianne and staff if this has caused them any headaches whatsoever. There are no official ties between Lucianne.com and The Pajama Pack. The only relationship I have with Lucianne.com, or any of its staff is the fact that I'm a long-time poster at the website. They were extremely gracious in putting me on the front page, and I am unabashedly grateful for it. However, that was not a part of any deal struck between us. It was not something I asked for, and it was as much a surprise to me when I found out as it was to anyone else.

I'm proud to be associated with Lucianne.com, but that association extends only to my addiction.

Again, I apologize to anyone I may have misled.

Walter G. AKA MsFalconersCabanaBoy

That Giant Puckering Sound...

...is coming from Iran upon reading the news that Israel is looking for a way to bust some bunkers, for some reason. I'm no insider, and can't pretend to know what it means.

All I know is that if I were a security guard at one of Iran's nuclear facilities, I'd be using up some accrued vacation, sick, and family leave days. And I'd spend that time figuring out a way to get someplace a little safer, like Rwanda, Sudan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq...just about anywhere, actually.

Thanks to the emailer who passed this along!


Capricorn Ranch has joined us with Sister Mary Chainsaw, which promises to be irreverent and humorous...just like I like 'em!

Welcome to The Pajama Pack! Relax here while you await your name to be called on the Ldot reservations list!

Many Thanks!!

To Lucianne, Amy, Igor, and all the rest at LComStaff,

Thank you very much for the BlogTruth spot! It caught me completely by surprise. Lucianne.com has given me a place to vent, relate, deride and laugh for years, and I'll never forget the comfort I drew from reading so many of the posts following the 9/11 atrocity.

You've provided me with a place where I feel comfortable in sharing my opinions, beliefs, and heartfelt emotions in a time when those things are rarely expressed, much less paid attention to.

I just can't thank you all enough for all the hard work you've done over the years to keep the greatest message board on the Web a welcoming place for conservatives. This is my contribution to the cause, and homage to my internet home.

Notice to Ldot Bloggers!

I have set up a new email account specifically for mail generated by this blog. If you can, please remember to send your emails there. It will help me to keep my messages organized and to reply in a more timely fashion.

And, once again, thanks go out to blondie for the gmail account and the invite!

And thanks to all the Ldot bloggers who've shown interest!

UPDATE!: blondie has informed me that she has a few invites for Ldotters who would like a Google email account. They're great accounts with a full Gigabyte of storage for your emails, and I just love mine. I have a few invites to give out, as well. So, if you're interested, just email me here.

It's first-come, first-serve and supplies are limited, so act NOW!


UPDATE II: Unfortunately, I'm having trouble with the link to the invitation page on my Gmail account -- something I probably should have checked on before posting the announcement. I've gotten lots of requests, and I wish I could fulfill them. Unfortunately, my web browsers just don't want to cooperate.

I'll post a message as soon as I figure out the difficulty, and I apologize for not being able to follow through on my offer.

UPDATE III: Sent out my last gmail invitation. If I get anymore, I'll post a message! Enjoy, all!

What we know...

...about RathergateRathergate is this:
1. The documents are forged.

2. The documents are faked.

3. CBS ran a story critical of the President based on these documents.

4. CBS News has huge amounts of money at its disposal which is supposed to be used to confirm documents/leads/facts/research.

5. Within an hour, a guy in his pajamas figured out the documents were faked, without having even held the original documents in his hands.

6. The source of the documents is Bill Burkett.

7. Bill Burkett had been in talks with Mary Mapes about the story.

8. Mary Mapes is known to be a very politically active partisan Democrat.

9. Mary Mapes talked to Joe Lockhart about the documents and Bill Burkett.

10. The Swiftboat ads were seriously damaging Kerry.

11. A fourth Swiftboat ad was hitting the airwaves just about the time CBS aired the story about the memos.

12. Joe Lockhart spoke to Bill Burkett about "how to respond to the Swiftboat ads".

13. Now, everyone is talking about Dan Rather's lies.

14. No one is talking about Kerry's Purple Heart exploits anymore.

15. No one is talking about Kerry's Vietnam Veterans Against the War exploits anymore.

16. Andrew Sullivan is writing about Kerry's new war speeches on his blog.

17. The subject has changed.

18. Most other bloggers seem to think Dan Rather is the one running for the Presidency.

Team Clinton: Mission Accomplished


...strikes again:

George Soros..............Michael Douglas.

One pretends to be the President on TV. One tries to buy the Presidency on TV. Both are proof that stupidity is no barrier to fame and fortune.

CORRECTION! Ldotter Victory, who also has a blog which sprung out of the Rathergate scandal, writes to inform me that it's not Michael Douglas who pretends to be the President on TV. That would be Martin Sheen. Michael Douglas did it in The American President.

One more ass fact-checked by the blogosphere!


...has updated Bloggings of a Bald Man with a couple of new entries. Here's a snippet from yesterday's entry on the changing of our times and coarsening of your culture:

Things change slowly. I remember our parents thought the world was going to end over stuff like “Joy to the World” by Three Dog Night and the Rapture was imminent over “Jesus Christ, Superstar, A Rock Opera”. But each inch of ground in the field of respect made the next inch easier to lose. It took a while, but 35+ years later we have to have language warnings on our music now. I remember one night at a basketball game, between the JV and Varsity game, the look on the opposing coaches face as the ‘warm up music’ began to spout the occasional profanity. I happened to be sitting on the half court front row bench, about 4 feet from him. He looked at the big boom speakers and then at me and shrugged. I knew exactly what that shrug meant.

New bloggers...

...one of the cool things about blogs is the archives. Everything goes in there, and this one is set up to archive once a week. After a while, though, it gets kind of difficult to remember when a certain topic was mentioned, and you have to sort through post after post, through several weeks' worth of oldies, to find the particular entry you're looking for.

But, if you'll notice the time stamp at the bottom of each post, that's a link which will bring up that particular entry and its comments when you click on it. So, if you stumble across an entry you think you might want to check back on in the future, all you have to do is right-click on the timestamp and select "Bookmark this link" or "Add this link to my favorites" -- whatever your browser says.

That'll save you a little time.

Thanks again, blondie!

If you'll in the sidebar over there, you'll see that there are two buttons -- one links to Lucianne.com and one links to The Pajama Pack. This, once again, is the work of blondie, and is much appreciated.

If you'd like a piece of code to slip those into your template, just email, or leave a comment telling me where to send it.

Just a helpful hint...

...for those with spyware problems, and those who might encounter them in the future. Spybot and Ad-aware are a couple of good programs you can use to keep that stuff out of your system. I'm sure fellow Ldotters know some others, as well. This would be a good place to post them, so that they can be accessed in the archives.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Ldotter james beam...

...suggested that I urge The Pajama Pack to list the blog address in their profiles. I think it would be a way to get the address in front of some eyeballs, and may help recruit an Ldot blogger that I may have missed.

While browsing through "My Documents"...

I found a little piece of html code I'd saved to conserve time:

Moron On The Prowl

UPDATE: I also decided to lose the exclamation point from the title. It seemed a bit much.

UPDATE II: Thought I'd make one in honor of pineledger, who coined the term:

Pig In A Pants Suit


...has updated On the ledger with a column that will be appearing in Durham County (NC) Republican Party newsletter, the PachyDurham, which can only be properly pronounced by a southerner.

"Early in 2000, I found such a message board – Lucianne.com – started by New York literary agent Lucianne Goldberg during the Lewinsky-Tripp brouhaha. L.com, as it is known, is a site where posters (AKA "L-dotters") place news stories and then comment on them. I imagined that after the 2000 election, the Lucianne board would wither and gradually cease to exist. To the contrary, it has flourished, and now aspiring L.dotters wait months before a space opens and they can log-in to post. The repartee on L.com is witty and the race to be the first to post stories highly competitive. The politics are very, very Republican, and Ms. Goldberg’s basic rule is, "Remember, this is a salon, not a saloon." Personal attacks on other posters or inappropriate language are not tolerated, and repeated offenses result in the offender’s banishment (opening a space for a new poster)."

One great article...

...from Col. John H. Wambough, Jr. USAF (Ret.). Just about as thorough as a refutation can get. Superlative.

"As Lt. Bush completed his flying assignment in April 1972, F-102s were being phased out of the Air National Guard. What we know is that he served honorably; he flew fighter jets; he embraced the inherent high risk of flying an F -102; he served our country; he met his Air National Guard requirements and he received an Honorable Discharge. The attacks on Lt. Bush are designed to diminish Lt. Bush's service to our country in the eyes of our citizens and soldiers some thirty years after Lt. Bush received an Honorable Discharge. This is truly reprehensible and driven by political adversaries like Sen. Kerry, Mr. Terry McAuliffe and their left-wing media surrogates. (Go to cspan.org for the White House Press Briefing with Scott McClellan on 02/10/04 -- the impetus for me to write this letter.)"

The hard part was picking out the best paragraph on this one.


...has posted an important piece of info:

CBS Affiliates by State

Here's the link to the original list: just in case you want to refer to it after the post expires at Ldot.


...has updated Ultima Thule. On Kerry and supporters:

"As I continue to try to keep my attention on what he is saying what I'm hearing is curdling my blood. These rabid partisans can only cheer America's failure -- a recitation of gloom and doom -- nothing makes them happier than to know that everything is in shambles and a complete catastrophe for our country. And these are patriots? These people get giddy only on defeat and bitterness."

Back to the drawing board

The blog is shaping up nicely, and I'm getting steady interest, so it's onward from here. However, there's been a slight change in the concept (if that's what you want to call it).

Initially, I was hoping for The Pajama Pack to develop into a sort of standalone version of The Corner on National Review Online, with Ldot Bloggers participating and posting comments on the main board. At the time I came up with this little scheme, I hadn't realized that there would be a problem with posting the occasion plug over at Lucianne.com, as long as I restricted it to threads that were somehow related. But, apparently, Lucianne and Amy are getting emails pointing out the fact that other Ldotters aren't allowed to promote their sites/blogs. So, I'm limited to the once-a-day hawking of my wares.

This is going to make it a little more difficult to reach Ldotters, since so many don't post their email addresses in their profiles. So, it appears I'm just going to have to go about it the old fashioned way -- waiting and hoping. In the meantime, I'm going to roll back the whole concept a bit and be the sole administrator of this blog, and will let Americanablog sit on the back burner, so I can focus.

Also in the meantime, I'll continue to blogroll any Ldotter, current or future, if he or she will send me a link to the blog. (If you have a blog and are interested in using the same blogroll as The Pajama Pack, email me and I'll send you the code to paste into your template.) And, I'll continue to check in on the various blogs for updates on a daily basis, when possible, and post messages announcing those updates -- at least for the time being. This is mainly intended to steer traffic to Ldotters who don't update their blogs as regularly as others. If you faithfully update your blog several times daily, I won't be able to post an announcement for every entry. However, if you post a blog entry that is of particular importance to you, please send a link to the email address listed here, and I'll post an announcement and link to it.

Since I'm going to neglect Americanablog for the foreseeable future, I'll be using The Pajama Pack as my editorial sounding board to comment on whatever strikes me. I'll be scanning Lucianne.com for posts that strike me as particularly cogent or humorous, and posting links to "hot" threads and breaking stories as they appear. I'll also be looking around the internet for other stories and columns that may be of interest to Ldotters, but aren't necessarily suitable for posting over there, for reasons of timeliness, special interest, and "discussion value" -- provided it's within the bounds of human decency/taste.

So, off I go into the blogrealm. I'm looking forward to hearing from Ldotters -- blogless or otherwise. Commenting is open to anyone who registers at Blogger, and registration doesn't require that you use a real name, or even keep a blog. However, if you do decide to comment, it would be helpful if you register at Blogger under some variation of your Ldot handle, or include it in your profile. Just to make it easier for other Ldotters to identify you.

At the very least, I figure this blog can serve as a good way for Ldotters to communicate with one another and still maintain some semblance of anonymity.

Wish me luck,

Just received an email...

...from Lucianne informing me that I may only plug The Pajama Pack once per day. That sort of shakes up my "free publicity with pre-established audience" promotional scheme, so I'll have to figure out something else.

In the meantime, anyone (if indeed there IS anyone) who reads this is hereby strongly encouraged to spread the word! If you know an Ldotter with a blog who hasn't already heard about the Pajama Pack, let them know. If you know someone who doesn't have a blog, but would like one, tell them to get in touch with me at the email address listed here.

Now...to figure out how to promote without getting banned.

Ldotter kennowen...

...has joined in with American Idle. It looks to be an interesting blog covering everything from politics to pop culture to immigration and beyond. Or, as kennowen says:


Click on over and say "hi".

Just mentioned this on Ldot...

...so, I thought I'd mention it over here, too. Avid readers might enjoy poking around at Project Gutenberg. There's a collection of over 6000 eTexts, or eBooks to browse, and download for free!

Google Search: bugmenot

Google Search: bugmenot <--- Check out these links for a way of dealing with registration forms. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But, it works often enough to keep using it.

Rocked, or Shaken to its Core?

I'm having a hard time deciding which of these will happen to the the public trust when this hits the stands in the morning. First, I'll have to figure out whether I'm stunned, or merely flabbergasted at the notion that the likes of Dan Rather could possibly be involved in something so...so partisan!

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Never again???

Anyone NOT alarmed by this???

Only one good thing could possibly come of this; the peaceful breakup of the EU. Any takers?

Nine Innings From Ground Zero

For those who haven't seen it, here's a little preview of an upcoming film on HBO about the Yankees' World Series drive in 2001.

Ldotter Aussiegirl...

...has launched her blog -- something she never thought she'd do. But she has a way with words, so I badgered and beseeched until she finally relented.

That's something else you'll thank me for when you're older.


...has updated his blog with a heartwarming recollection of the men who made an impact on him in his youth, and quotes a saying that would do us all some good to reflect upon from time to time:

"To the world you may be but one person, but to one person you may be the world."

Ldotter Lust For Justice...

...inspires an el oh el and lingering smirk with the following:

That's cute!!!
cbs thought they had credibility.1

1 The disrepectful lack of capitalization for the columbia broadcasting system didn't go unnoticed. So, I thought I'd refer to it with a footnote using a superscript "1", which was something that typewriters in the early 70's weren't generally capable of doing.

The American Thinker

...unearths some interesting (and presumably genuine and accurate) information on Sumner Redstone, Viacom, and CBS.

If I may be so bold as to offer some investment advice to Mr. Redstone, he might want to consider putting the $12,000,000 here

Ldotter Aussiegirl...

...has emailed me with a preview of what's to come on the new blog she is starting up (after much harrassment from yours truly). She is truly one of my favorite posters, and with quotes like this, anyone can see why:

Oh how delectable a sight -- the Mighty Dan the Man -- the khaki-klad intrepid reporter, hanging on for dear life in a hurricane of his own making -- and suffering the same slings and indignities which countless public officials have been heir to at the very hands of the likes of Dan and 60 Minutes. It's a turnaround devoutly to be savored. You could see the chagrin on his face and the barely suppressed "How DARE you, sir????", mixed with a sense of unreality. "How could this be happening to ME???"

The Critics RAVE!!!

Ms. Lucianne, our hostess has this to say about The Pajama Pack!:

Informative, helpful and pretty to look at. You're going to have a lot of fun.

How can you go wrong with that? I mean, that's what I look for in a wife!

Wassersteinus Self-Decepticus

Ben Wasserstein makes a very strong case that he still doesn't get it.

You see, Ben, the days when the flow of information is controlled by an incestuous horde of liberal pointy-head-types ended a little over a week ago. This had been coming for a long time, and it was the refusal of that dying establishment to acknowledge its mortality that did it in.

Ben, you seem to be marching merrily toward the ultimate end. The Pajama Pack is more than happy to be your guide.

Favorite Whipping Boy...

...scott5js has taken time out from his busy schedule of consensual kindergarten fellatio advocacy to bless Ldotters with his theological musings.


Ldotter pineledger...

...has opened a blog. At the moment, there's just a "hello" posted, but this blogger thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and link up to it. pineledger's been around Lucianne for quite a while now. Click on over and say "hi" right back.

Ldotter james beam...

...links to a blog which should put the entire Guard Service story to bed, but won't. You can shed light on all the facts you want when it comes to dealing with lefties. It just doesn't do any good. You have to use the flashlight handle.

A public service from blondie
Posted by Hello

Still tinkering...

...with the layout. I'd like to thank everyone who gave me advice and input on this. Ldotter blondie has been an immense help, especially. Please feel free to contact me at this address with any opinions/advice/guidance you can offer.

Thanks again to all who have offered suggestions!

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