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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Anagrams of me. . .

LARGE BREW TILT (My obvious favorite.)

LAGER BREW TILT (I'm a pilsner guy, so this is my second favorite.)

REGAL BREW TILT (Drink with a flourish!)

ART BELL GREW IT (That would explain a lot.)

RAT GERBIL WELT (German magazine for rodent enthusiasts?)




BRAG WRITE TELL (Key to successful career in Beltway punditry?)

BRAWL TEET GIRL (Foxy Boxing night at the Playhouse?)

BAR GREW LITTLE (One too many?)

TAB REGRET WILL (Yoda had one too many?)

TATE BREW GRILL (Good name for a sportsbar.)

TEAT BREW GRILL (Like Hooters, for example.)

GAL BLEW RITTER (And former Iraqi intelligence has tapes.)

See what you come up with after entering your name -- or anyone else's, for that matter.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

One hopes the L.A. Times. . .

. . .has accidentally stumbled upon the answer to their declining circulation problems. You see, it's very difficult to hold one's nose and a newspaper at the same time.

If my bedfellows were this strange. . .

. . .I think I'd be forced to reexamine my politics. And the shame of it all is that he managed to find a seat on the bus alongside the one woman in America with "absolute moral authority". And to think that august institutions of higher learning such as Cornell and Syracuse Universities were taken in by this rapscallion. Why, this sort of thing could potentially undermine even the most sterling reputation.

Hat-tip to Lucianne.

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