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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Ldotter dotonbut...

...gave a chuckle to this particular blogger with:
"Don't be sexist
Broads don't like that. "


It's been brought to my attention by Ldotter Shiloh Sharps that the blog may be a little tough to read, inasmuch as it has a light blue font on a slightly brighter blue background. I suppose I can understand how that might put a little extra wear and tear on the ocular muscles, so I've decided to post in bold lettering until I muster the wisdom to pick through the code in the template to find where that can be changed.

I've also noticed that the page renders very differently in IE 6 and Netscape 7.1. Don't know how much I can do about that, but it strikes me as a good reason to tell everyone to download Netscape or any other of the Mozilla-based browsers and just get used to it like you did IE. You'll thank me when you're older.

Why Americans hate foreign policy

Why PJ O'Rourke is my hero:
"Attacking internationals won't promote world peace, which we can't have anyway if we're going to eliminate human rights abuses, because there's no peaceful way to get rid of the governments that abuse the rights of people - people who are chained to American gym-shoe-making machinery, dying of gym-shoe lung, and getting paid in shoe-laces, thereby improving US business and trade opportunities, which result in economic expansion that causes global warming to get worse."

Ldotter Magnante...

...posted a gem from The American Thinker.

Them blogger cats watched you fellers jump in that ol’ litter box an’ they just flat covered you up, quicker ‘n slicker than WD 40 on a doorknob. Yeah you boys done gone skinny dippin’ in a pond full a snappin’ turtles. Looks like them broadcastin’ geniuses at CBS done let them yeller-dog Democrats talk you inta sellin’ your mule so you could buy a plow. When you crawled into the sack with little Miss McCauliffe you done got yourself a real ugly bed partner there, Dan, like a real three-bagger, I mean. You know the drill: one bag over her head, one over yours and one over the dog’s so’s at least he’ll have some respect for you come mornin.’


...has joined us, and brings Bloggings of a Bald Man.
"As a student of human behavior, I have noticed an increasing number of frowning people out and about. Occasionally I will have the moment to talk with them and invariably, I find their politics to lean left. "

Besides being happy to have another blogger join in the ring, I have to admit to a small sense of victory at no longer being its baldest participant.


How the Blogs Can Beat Rather

Lucianne posts the latest from Jim Geraghty over at the Kerry Spot. The key points:

Stop attacking where they're strong; attack where they're weak.

Target One: The CBS affiliates

Target Two: Other CBS employees

Target Three: Other powerful voices in the mainstream media

Friday, September 17, 2004


...has added some great images to her blog! I'm partial to the Michael Moore one, personally.

Tony Podesta -- Kerry campaign state chief, Pennsylvania

...he said, ruefully.:

"'We are not shocked or disheartened,' he says, about the new polling data. 'It's always better to be ahead than behind, but it only really matters once.'"

When you can't even muster the obligatory, "We have polling that indicates otherwise," it's bad.

Cato the elder...

...has joined us. And it looks like he even updated his blog for the occasion. (That's more than I can say for myself.)

Modern liberalism cannot survive circumstances where people clearly perceive a link between their freedom to choose and their economic circumstances. Again and again, in both domestic and foreign policy, President Bush has lauded human freedom both for its power to liberate and for its power to serve. The Republic will be well-served by his re-election.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Ldotter Cameron...

"'We have seen some bouncing around in the numbers,' says Mike McCurry, a top Kerry adviser, 'but it is our sense that the race is moving back to a much closer race.'

'We have seen some bouncing around of the ship,' says Captain Edward John Smith of the Titanic, 'but it is our sense that if we rearrange the deck chairs the ship will not sink.'"

Ldotter thelmalou...

...offers ideas on improving Homeland Security:

ThelmaLou's solution:

1) Fire Mineta.

2) Fire Ridge and Hutchinson.

3) Put Dept. of Trans. under Homeland Security.

4) Put Rudy in charge of Homeland Security.

Can't argue with that.

Ldotter plex....

...sums upthis particular blogger's take pretty nicely:

Conservatives might have to get used to the idea of incrementalism. W seems very interested in doing some things that will make later moves to the right much easier. 1) judges who rule by the Consitition, 2) Ownership of SS accounts, 3) Ownership of health insurance, 4) School vouchers. If these things are realized, the influence of government on individual lives is signficantly reduced and the hold the Democrats have on voters will be drastically reduced.

Once voters realize that they are better off on their own, it will be much easier to start reducing government power. Possible but one will always be faced with the Congress wanting to increase power.

I think conservatism in government will never happen as long as we have career congress critters.

Ldotter akudaq sends a taste of Alaskan winter.
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Brown Bear...

...has a great line on CBS Softens Defense of Bush Documents over at Lucianne.com.

The link list

While I'd like for all Ldot bloggers to maintain The Pajama Pack's blogroll (the list of links at the side to other Ldotters' blogs), I understand that not everyone is a whiz at picking through html code. I know for a fact that I'm not, but I just muddle through the tedium and eventually find the right spot.

Those who feel up to the task can contact me email address listed here, and I'll gladly send you a piece of code that you can paste into your blog template's html.


BlogThis! is highly recommended to bloggers, no matter what the experience level. I've used it for a while now, and while it isn't perfect, it certainly does eliminate some of the drudgery of blogging. Give it a try. It simplifies.


Anyone who wants to add images to their blogs should check out Bloggerbot. The way I understand it is that Blogger, Google, Picasa, and Hello are all working together to provide free image hosting for people using Blogger. It seems to work pretty well, although figuring out exactly how to use it might be a little tricky. It took me a little poking around, but I figured it all out in about 20 minutes.

Keep an eye out for more links to blog helpers as I discover, or hear about them through my fellow Ldot bloggers.


...has her blog up and running with some of her more recent Photoshop work. I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of her work, here at The Pajama Pack. Talented and funny, that blondie.

Passed along by Blondie. Thanks!
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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

An emailer...

...sent some info on a certain Ben Barnes, former Lt. Governor of Texas, who claims to have buckled under the influence of the Bush family to grease the skids for the then-future President. Apparently, he has some pretty shady dealings in his past, but a lack of criminal convictions. I also found this at frontpagemag.com, which covers much of what was in the email.

An idea...

Any opinions on having an Ldot Post of the Day? Ldot Laugh of the Day? Perhaps nominations could be emailed to and I could select one from the pile. My email address can be found here.

james beam

...has opened a new blog named NewOrthodoxy. Click on over to see what he has to say.

And now the conservative blogosphere is the source of radical expressionism in the face of their social orthodoxy.


...comes up with a good quote at Lucianne.com.

Rather is providing a whole new meaning for the term 'news anchor'.

Stuff like that is what has kept this poster around for lo' these many years...cybernetically speaking.

Just getting started...

Hello to all Ldotters current and future. Some of you may know me from Lucianne.com, posting as MsFalconersCabanaBoy.

The past week has been a big one for blogdom -- in fact, it's been a big one for all media. But, the blogosphere has been a major focus of a lot of coverage, and the buzz is certain to generate a great deal of interest in blogging. Ldotters being the knowledge-hungry lot that they are, there will almost certainly be a rise in their interest in the new media. This blog is intended to harness and collect some of that interest, giving Ldotters with blogs a central location through which to keep up with one another, one another's ideas, as well as a place to communicate directly among themselves, or to the group as a whole.

However, I must make clear that this site is not directly affiliated with/nor under the direction of Lucianne Goldberg or anyone on the Lucianne.com staff. This is an exercise I've undertaken on my own (with the help, advice, and ideas of some friends, whom I intend to credit fully), and should not be considered a "sister site" or any other sort of subsidiary. The rule at Lucianne is that blog posts are not accepted without prior permission. That applies to this blog, just as it would to any other.

However, I did receive a preliminary vote of confidence from Ms. Goldberg, with this caveat:

Sounds like a civilized idea... We are resisting posting blogs on the site because it confuses what we do which is bring the mainstream media to people's attention. Including blogs will so clutter the site it will not advance our goal. However, if there is a separate site people can go to it's fine.
The last thing anyone wants is for this blog to be come a source of contention, so I repsectfully ask participants in this "blog ring" to follow the rules of the site which provided the inspiration for it.

In discussing politics, there's always the potential for personal enmity. If you should find yourself in a huge disagreement with another Ldot blogger, please don't take that hostility to Lucianne.com. Settle it through email, or your respective blogs, if possible. Avoid making personal attacks, or threats. The Pajama Pack seeks to be a place where witty, intelligent, and incisive commentary thrive.

As of now, the intent of the blog is to mine participating blogs for particularly cogent comments, and perhaps Lucianne.com for similar posts. All due credit will be given. All suggestions, ideas, and advice will be gladly accepted.

If any Ldot blogger has any questions, please feel free to contact me. I'll be more than happy to assist however I can, if I can.

I sincerely hope this will become a place where intelligent, like-minded Ldotters can gather to enjoy sharing ideas more directly than can be facilitated at Lucianne.com.


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